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Free time, the Internet, and a Girl. Oh My!

Constantly starting new projects.. hopefully finishing them!


So get this. I moved into an studio with my boyfriend, and while we both don’t have a whole lot of room to move around in I manage to still string out my arts and crafts (and use the kitchen to play Chef!)

I’m Amber. 20-Something, living in Tacoma, Washington with my boyfriend.

The internet is where I find all of my recipes and with a little know-how and a lot of luck, I try to make delicious food for me and The Boy to eat.

It’s also where I get inspiration for random projects I decide to start. Such as photographs to use as references for paintings, or styles of hat’s to crochet.

I grew up with a family that made the kids help cook, an Aunt who would buy you craft supplies for holiday’s, and learned how to crochet at the age of 9.

I’ve taught different methods of crochet and feel I’ve mastered most of them. I get the same joy from painting today that I got as a 5 year old playing with finger paints. I love making food that isn’t considered good for you. And last but not least, I’m always looking for something new to add to the roster.

So, with that being said, I hope you enjoy what you find and maybe it helps you on your way to being a Master Crafter, or maybe just help you fill in the gaps between work, school, and play… Or maybe you can just get a few laughs.

If my project blog isn’t enough for you, you can check out my personal blog here.


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